Sustainability is your right and our duty, which is why we have taken the commitment to make our company the world's safest steel company by making ourselves a guardian of your right with our hardworking teammates who are the life of our company.

We have a huge range of semi-finished products including billets, blooms, slabs and ingot, with a variety of size, form and grades according to your need and desire. We give the best customized service too, to satisfy the diverse requirements of various industries. These steel are those kinds of steel that need further processing before being finished goods. Our end to end approach, from melting, casting and rolling to phishing and testing, makes our semi-finished steel products more secure, profitable and productive.

Steel is the only material that can be completely recyclable and reusable, choosing the best quality of steel not only improves your today's economy but also the future. Our hard working employees struggle to meet your expectations by providing their better and better services. With completing this effort, we are establishing the best friendly relations with our buyers and suppliers that enable us to meet your standards and win your trust.

Our Steel is manufactured according to the international standard level. In sustainability we are following past admonitions, and in style we are convinced of modernity. That is why, despite believing in today's technologies, our standards are as sustainable as ever. We are appreciated national as well as international level.