• What is non-ferrous scrap metal?

The metal which doesn't consist of a significant amount of iron or steel is called non-ferrous metal. In weight non-ferrous metal has less than one percent of iron.


Roshan Deals is the national supply arm of Pakistan, engaged in the business of non-ferrous metal scrap, with Secondary qualification in steel scrap. Also a wide variety of non-ferrous scrap options are available to you such as Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Tin, and Zinc. Holding your trust tightly over the past many years, we always keep trying to make ourselves better and better to generate a strong economy.

You can easily complete your requirement from little too heavy scrap inventory in our non-ferrous scrap by saving both your money and time, not only this but by buying the huge number of garbage, you can earn profits by meeting the small needs of other people or if you are a manufacturer, you can build more masterpieces by recycling it. Roshan Deals non-ferrous metal scrap doesn't leave its properties even after being recycled.

By recycling this non-ferrous scrap either you can available additional material for reuse in manufacturing or you can earn revenue by selling it. The weight of this metal is very light which creates a lot of ease for the consumer, which is why this metal is the most commonly used metal today.