You can host your dreams on the real map of the world by making your construction a most wonderful and sustainable place in the world with Roshan Deals pure and fine high quality long steel bars.

Our long steel products includes hot rolled bars, drawn and cold rolled bar, railway rails, rebar, wire rod, rope, etc. These products are made with billets and blooms, which are mainly used in the construction sector such as highways, bridges, buildings and many more.

Roshan Deals was founded in 1997 in Karachi, Pakistan. We gain market shares in trading with suppliers around the world by building new relationships. Our presence is not only in Islamabad and Dubai but also our satellite offices present all over the world.

We are gradually winning the hearts of our customers by improving our services and products, which is why we have a unique position not only in our customers but also in our friendly suppliers. We are able to introduce various quality steel from time to time only because of our experienced and highly professional team. Our team makes it possible to assist and design solutions for specific customer requirements and make them happy.

Roshan Deals gives you the best sustainable quality production which requires review of several factors including human resources. The provision of human resources includes an overall management of employees including training, awareness, safety, etc. Here you can find the vast till limited quantity of standard quality steel according to your required and desired grade, shape and size at a very objective price.