Ferrous Scrap

  • What Is Ferrous Scrap?

Consumer products such as home appliances to industrial structures, automobiles and others such as train, Bridges, buildings, railroad exits scrap contain a large number of iron and steel metal and that type of finest quality of iron and steel scrap is known as Ferrous Scrap. Ferrous scrap is the most recycled scrap material in the world.


Roshan Deals offers ferrous metal scrap at a very competitive price. This is the scrap which cannot be ignored by calling it useless at any cost. There are many such valuable items in the shape of scrap that can fulfill your needs and solve your issue at a very low cost. Common items made of ferrous metal include refrigerator, oven, cars and more. Ferrous scrap has also magnetic properties, which prove to be very useful in creating large motor and electrical appliances.

We have well-furnished warehouses to fulfill all our customers' small and large orders. These warehouses also ensure that a variety of ferrous scrap is available for you.

Scrappers who want to earn money by collecting and selling ferrous scrap, or manufacturer who want to manufacture different items by recycling the ferrous scrap, for all we possess a vast quantity of Ferrous scrap metal with satisfying and demanded condition. Roshan Deals Ferrous Scrap enhances the splendor of people's art and construction by being recycled with great delicacies. Our Ferrous Scrap contains an excess amount of value steel and iron which makes your work an example of ripeness.

Roshan Deals has one and only objective and the objective is to accomplish the desired goal of their valuable customers and please them till the last stage. Our well organized and congregator infrastructure is very strong and worthwhile to meet customers' expectations.